Thursday, April 13, 2006

Wakenabeb: Marsha AF 3

The Setup: Convince Marsha one of the cast members is possessed – by one of her own (Marsha's) ancestors!

'Uncle' pretends to be hosting a special episode of SEEKERS. He interviews a participant of the show and later Marsha (who was invited as a celebrity guest) to talk to about their paranormal experiences. The talent (who was in on it) later pretends to be possessed by one of Marsha’s ancestors.

I don’t want to give too much away, but at one point she got so freaked out she starts dancing on command…

Wakenabeb! (Season 3) - Thursday 8:30 pm on ntv7


-Sitti- said...

Hi, I have yet to catch that episode of Marsha as the celebrity. The opening of the show showed Adlin holding a wrapped "baby". I got freaked out and turned off my pc...tak jadi tgk. Sebab i tido sorang2 and kat rumah slalu takde orang. Just dun like the feeling of being spooked. Might catch it later when my frens comes over to my place...hehehe

The TV Man said...

Oh you should watch it, it's really good. Muahahahhah!!