Friday, April 14, 2006

They are still showing Survivor? Panama you say?

I used to be such a Survivor addict... it was the highlight of my week (Now the highlight of my week is naked Saturdays at Leen’s). So I was surprised that I didn’t notice they had this new season out - Survivor Panama: Exile.
“The castaways of Survivor: Panama--Exile Island will be divided into four tribes of four: Older Women, Younger Women, Older Men, and Younger Men. The season's first episode will involve a Reward Challenge, after which the losing tribe must banish one of its members to the nearby "Exile Island," where he or she will endure some enforced solitude until the next Immunity Challenge. That unlucky individual will, however, enjoy the not-so-small comfort of having the first opportunity to search for the hidden Immunity Idol”
Wow! This sounds like an interesting new format. Too bad I’ve already missed about 7 episodes. Thats the problem with having a life, you miss all kinds of good stuff on TV.

And the girl's name is Danielle. Nice.

Survivor Panama: Exile (Season ?) - Friday 11:15 pm on ntv7

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