Monday, April 17, 2006

Is there anyone in the HOUSE that can assist?

As usual, Astro’s website does not surrender much of what we’ll be seeing in their synopsis. So if anyone can help determine, which episode will be showing tonight, Dr. TV Man will be most grateful.
"House surrounds an irreverent doctor and his team of handpicked experts as they battle mysterious and strange illnesses, with the most controversial and unconventional methods!"
When I do get a chance to watch this show, I tend to like it. Just like life, House is harsh, pleasantly rude, hostile and really funny. Which is funny, for a drama.

House (Season 1) - Monday 10:00 pm on Astro's AXN (Ch 17)


Dee said...

If you're interested I have a whole of Season 1 to send to you, but it has to be online. =P

The TV Man said...

Online? That would take forever.. :)But if you do know which episode is showing this week, please let me know!

Dee said...

I'd like to help out, however I wasn't able to watch it on Monday so I can't quite tell which episode until I check the ASTRO magazine. Did the show started this month?

The odd thing is that there isn't any rerun either.