Monday, March 31, 2008

AXN on Astro

One of the channels that Astro offers is AXN (a three letter acronym I have yet to decipher). They offer this channel bundled in their basic package.

I consider it to be one of my favorite Astro channels and I seem to consistently gravitate to it when not watching my guilty pleasure (American Idol) or pretending that watching television can be every bit as nourishing to the mind as reading (Discovery channel - Myth busters).

You will find the AXN Asia site very informative. It even offers the AXN channel guide for the entire month for you to download and print at your leisure.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Malaysian TV Online: ntv7 and tv9

As I was watching American Idol yesterday, it occurred to me that besides TV3 and 8tv, Media Prima also owned the other two terrestrial channels: ntv7 and tv9.

So it stands to reason that these two channels would also provide access to their In housely produced TV shows. A quick check on their website confirmed this to be true.

NTV7 – ‘Catch up TV’ – Main page, right at the top;
tv9 – ‘Episod Penuh’ / ‘Sajian Kami’ – Main page, also right at the top.

This discovery, which I later shared with my dad, thrilled him to no end. I have only recently introduced him to the web and the fact that I made it known to him that he can now view the entire season of one of his favorite evening TV shows (Mari Bertarannum) through the PC, cemented my place as his favorite son.


Checkout Tonton

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Malaysian TV Online: TV3 and 8TV

TV3 and 8tv have both made their programs available on their website with a service they call 'Catch Up TV'. It is and interesting concept. The format is much like Youtube (better quality) and they cut up each episodes into easy to digest parts.

I’ve read some where that the shows aren't going to be posted on the web indefinately and are only going to be offered for fixed length of time. Just enough for you to err.. catch up.

It's easy to find, right at the top 'Catch Up TV'.



Checkout Tonton.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Malaysian TV Online: RTM

Watching TV online is getting more and more common these days. In fact these days, I watch more 'television' on the PC rather than on an actual TV set.

RTM makes its channel available via it's 'live streaming link'. (No longer active)

Registration only takes a second, and they throw in a bunch of old school RTM radio stations Gen X and Y can hardly relate to...


Could only get it to work on Internet Explorer.

RTM live streaming (No longer Active)

UPDATE (18 August 2008): RTM seems to have stopped their streaming TV service, perhaps because of the Olympics... We have to wait and see if they will bring the service up again after

UPDATE (27 September 2008): The RTM live streaming page can once again be accesed, sadly, it now longer offers RTM1 and RTM2, instead what is on offer are is RTM's LIVE radio stations broadcasts.

Sit back and relax as you listen to selections from Klasik Nasional and Traxxfm (Traxx isn't so bad... and Klasik is cool if you're old skool..)

SO with the site live page still down I guess everyone has to settle for the RTM's non-streaming alternative.

UPDATE (11 May 2009): It appears that RTM no longer supports the live streaming on their site.

UPDATE (3 June 2010): RTM has brough back live streaming!