Monday, September 29, 2008

Watch South Park Episodes

Every single episode of south park episode is now made available by South Park Studios. Legal, great quality, and minimal ads. They're never going to air this on Malaysian TV.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Liverpool and Man Utd playing Tonight, Google EPL

Here are the EPL mathes for tonight (27 September 2008):-

7:40 pm -(L)Everton vs. Liverpool
9:55 pm -(L)Man Utd vs. Bolton

Here's a neat little trick to find out what time the EPL games are: Just Google 'EPL' and it will give you up coming game's start times. I didn't think Americans watch football, I mean 'Soccer'...

Here's more EPL on Google.

P.S. The this search link is for and it will give match times in Malaysian time. So if you're from somewhere else, don't be lazy, go to Google and type in  'EPL' yourself.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sign up On the NTV7 website

I just noticed that in order to view the shows on the ntv7 site you have to register first.

It takes about 3 seconds, but still? What's the point? The other channels who are offering their videos don't bother. I think doing this just creates another barrier between the audience and the content.

Most people are going to go, "Fuck this shit, there's a whole Internet out there why bother with this?".

Do you want viewers to access your content online or don't you?

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Amazing Race Asia Season 3

What pisses me off about Amazing Race Asia 3 is it's full of models, beauty queens and actors... 

What's the point then? Isn't the whole point of reality TV is to watch everyday people (it helps if they're cute) doing non-everyday things.

If I wanted to watch an actor act, I'd watch a regular show.. sheesshhh...

Well anyhoo.. I'm rooting for the Malaysian team cause, I funny that way, and the team from India cause I like old people... plus rich famous people shouldn't play... Give poor ugly folks with hearts a chance will ya?

New episodes Every Thursday 9 pm. For repeats scan the Malaysian TV favourite Astro Channels guide.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

American Idol? Malaysian Idol pun jadilah..

American Idol is coming back soon! Well maybe not so soon. Next year January 2009. And joining the party will be someone no one's ever heared of: Kara DioGuardi!

Here is an old promo for Malaysian Idol, just to keep us going till then.


Monday, September 15, 2008

EPL Matches Airing This Week (15th - 21st Sep 2008)

Here are the Premier League games scheduled to air on Astro this week:-

Saturday (20 Sep 2008)
ESPN Malaysia (812)
  • 19:40 - (L)Sunderland vs. Middlesbroug
  • 21:55 - (L)Liverpool vs. Stoke City
Star Sports Malaysia (813)
  • 21:55 - (L)West Ham vs. Newcastle
Sunday (21 Sep 2008)
Malaysia (812)
  • 00:30 - (D)Blackburn vs. Fulham
  • 20:55 - (L)Chelsea vs. Man Utd
Star Sports Malaysia (813)
  • 00:25 - (L)Bolton vs. Arsenal
  • 18:55 - (L)WBA vs. Aston Villa
  • 21:55 - (L)Man City vs. Portsmouth


Saturday, September 13, 2008

About Me

Hi, I am the TV Man and I love watching television. My love for reality TV shows stands firm despite my strong and lasting belief that it should have been Rudy and not Richard Hatch to have won that very first Survivor.

Although rarely indicated through this blog, I also watch an insane amount of movies, and wish to one day be able to watch Reservoirs Dogs all the way from beginning to end.

Sometime in 2006, after going through the various TV guides that were available online, I became frustrated with the search features and information that these sites had. I found the 'one page per channel' thing annoying. I wanted to see all of channels listed together on one page just like in the weekend newspapers.

At the time, even Astro's monthly magazine/booklet, listed out shows per channel. As if a person would go,

"I really feel like watching The Discovery Channel today, wonder what's on... Let me get that Astro magazine/booklet thingy and painstakingly go through the finely printed listings...",

Well maybe some do, but I was a busy guy, as are a lot of people. We got things to do. I'm not a couch potato.. I got a life you know!

I just wanted to find the shows I liked (the show was 'Faking It') so I could plan to watch shows at my convenience. Isn't this the reason they say they're repeating shows anyway?

It just didn't make any sense to me. So that's when I came up with an idea. I compiled the TV listings myself, pumped it into my database at home, and searched till my heart's content.

A side from creating my own little TV listing search engine, I complied all the relevant channels together and grouped them together into single page summaries. I then made it available on a website for other viewers.

That was more than 2 years ago and I have been publishing the weekly Malaysian TV Guides at ever since.


English Premier League 2008/9 - Liverpool vs. Man Utd

It's the English Premier league and everyone is going crazy. Matches between Manchester United and Liverpool, always cause a fuss.

Here are the Live EPL games for today (Saturday, Sep 13 2008) on ESPN (812):-

  • 7:40 pm -(L)Liverpool vs. Man Utd
  • 9:55 pm -(L)Blackburn vs. Arsenal
StarSports (812):-
  • 9:55 pm - (L)Portsmouth vs. Middlesbroug


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Malaysian TV Show Guide Sources

The truth is no matter how hard you try, no one source is able to reliability give you an accurate listings of the shows on TV. 

Not Astro, not TV3 or the other channels websites... None of them is right 100 percent of the time. Often even the station's own website gets their TV show listings wrong.

When I first started this site, this became a source of frustration for me. Now, I have come to accept the fact that things just can't be perfect.

The TV guides you find on this, are mostly are derived from Astro's listings. So mistakes from their site will result in mistakes on the listing here as well.

I always believe it's better to have more than one source of information. To that end, below are the daily tv listings (terrestrial channels) from 2 major Malaysian newspapers


Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Malaysian TV Guides at

Part of what has to offer are the weekly TV guides (the links are listed somewhere on the site on the left panel I think).

The guides has been down for 2 months due to technical problems. But now, The Malaysian TV Guides Are Back!

Malaysian TV Guide
All the free terrestrial TV channels

My Favourite Astro Channels TV Guide
My favorite Astro channels

Astro Sports TV Guide
Sports channels on Astro

Malaysian TV Online


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Selamat Berfasting! I love the Whole World!

Notice how being hungry makes you really moody?

Happy Fasting to those who are fasting. Here's something to watch that won't make you hungry or angry:-