Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sign up On the NTV7 website

I just noticed that in order to view the shows on the ntv7 site you have to register first.

It takes about 3 seconds, but still? What's the point? The other channels who are offering their videos don't bother. I think doing this just creates another barrier between the audience and the content.

Most people are going to go, "Fuck this shit, there's a whole Internet out there why bother with this?".

Do you want viewers to access your content online or don't you?


Anonymous said...

I certainly agree. Whats the point anyway of registering. I just found out tonite trying to find the sched. for one of my favorite show. I cannot access any info with out registering. It certainly creates a barrier between the viewer and the audience more so frustration on my part.

TV Man said...

NTV7 should know better... I have an account but everytime I see that login screen... I coudn't be bothered to remember yet another login ID, password..

By the way, what show were you checking out?