Thursday, September 11, 2008

Malaysian TV Show Guide Sources

The truth is no matter how hard you try, no one source is able to reliability give you an accurate listings of the shows on TV. 

Not Astro, not TV3 or the other channels websites... None of them is right 100 percent of the time. Often even the station's own website gets their TV show listings wrong.

When I first started this site, this became a source of frustration for me. Now, I have come to accept the fact that things just can't be perfect.

The TV guides you find on this, are mostly are derived from Astro's listings. So mistakes from their site will result in mistakes on the listing here as well.

I always believe it's better to have more than one source of information. To that end, below are the daily tv listings (terrestrial channels) from 2 major Malaysian newspapers



Jenny said...

They're always mixing up the synopsis of the shows! :(

TV Man said...

That does tend to happen... :)