Saturday, September 13, 2008

About Me

Hi, I am the TV Man and I love watching television. My love for reality TV shows stands firm despite my strong and lasting belief that it should have been Rudy and not Richard Hatch to have won that very first Survivor.

Although rarely indicated through this blog, I also watch an insane amount of movies, and wish to one day be able to watch Reservoirs Dogs all the way from beginning to end.

Sometime in 2006, after going through the various TV guides that were available online, I became frustrated with the search features and information that these sites had. I found the 'one page per channel' thing annoying. I wanted to see all of channels listed together on one page just like in the weekend newspapers.

At the time, even Astro's monthly magazine/booklet, listed out shows per channel. As if a person would go,

"I really feel like watching The Discovery Channel today, wonder what's on... Let me get that Astro magazine/booklet thingy and painstakingly go through the finely printed listings...",

Well maybe some do, but I was a busy guy, as are a lot of people. We got things to do. I'm not a couch potato.. I got a life you know!

I just wanted to find the shows I liked (the show was 'Faking It') so I could plan to watch shows at my convenience. Isn't this the reason they say they're repeating shows anyway?

It just didn't make any sense to me. So that's when I came up with an idea. I compiled the TV listings myself, pumped it into my database at home, and searched till my heart's content.

A side from creating my own little TV listing search engine, I complied all the relevant channels together and grouped them together into single page summaries. I then made it available on a website for other viewers.

That was more than 2 years ago and I have been publishing the weekly Malaysian TV Guides at ever since.