Monday, September 11, 2006

Bad boys gone good

This British produced reality TV show is about young lads that had a few run ins with the law and is now trying to get their act together by joining the army...
"On a quest for self-respect, a group of thirty youths undergo a month of marching drill, intense physical exercise, harsh discipline & scratchy uniforms."
This show is really cool.. watch it tonight!

Bad Lad's Army - Monday 23:45 pm on 8tv

How do you tell if she's Faking It?

A hillbilly trying to pass of as Paris Hilton? This I got to see.

"It's 'The Simple Life' in reverse as Nebraskan organic farmer Grace Coffman jets off to NYC to pose as a posh socialite on this episode of 'Faking It.'"

For those who are unfamiliar with this show its:-

"Part makeover, part challenge, and part fly-on-the-wall show,
each programme follows a volunteer from one walk of life who lives and trains
with an expert from a completely different field. After a four-week crash course
in their mentor's area of expertise, the volunteer is put to the test by
competing against genuine practitioners."
Wholesome reality tv fun!

Faking It - Monday (Season 7) 04:00 am on Discovery Travel Living

Sunday, September 10, 2006

I Wanna Be A Model

Who wants to be a model? These guys apparently do (and by guys I mean these silhouettes on the title icon on the left here). I haven't actually see an episode myself, so if someone is going to actually watch this, do drop a line about it ya..
"This brand new local reality show features a group of young people from various backgrounds, as they compete for a modeling contract."
I was approach to be a model once, but I told them I wasn't going to take the brown bag off for anybody...

I Wanna Be A Model - Sunday 18:00 pm on 8tv

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

That's Missus to you!

Lets show them who wears the skirts around here...
"Dads are in charge in this new reality competition, that takes some of America's busiest families and gives moms a much-deserved break!"
I love these late night reality tv shows

Meet Mister Mom - Tuesday 23:45 pm on 8tv

And for my next trick, a hand on my chest!

Yes David, you're a beautiful man.
"Amazing street magician David Blaine disarms strangers with sleight-of-hand and mind-boggling illusions."
Ooo.. Nice angel tatoo.

David Blaine: Magic Man - Tuesday 23:00 pm on AXN

Monday, September 04, 2006

Cause I'm Always ready!

Erika Eleniak is the reason Baywatch became such a hit. And they are airing Baywatch Season 2 again; in all her blond glory.
"Nightmare Bay (Pt. 2) - With all the hysteria over the ' sea monster ', Mitch and his fellow lifeguards are determined to get to the bottom of the mystery."
Who cares about the damn plot. Yummy.

Baywatch (Season 2) - Friday 23:45 pm on 8tv

CSI fever

It seems like you can almost catch a CSI episode almost everyday of the week on every channel. Like tonight on ntv7.

"Lucky Strike - Catherine & Warrick track a killer when the son of a pro basketball player is kidnapped for ransom - and murdered when the drop is compromised."
A quick search on the Malaysian TV Search page confirms this is almost true.

CSI (Season 3) - Monday 20:30 pm on ntv7

Friday, September 01, 2006

5 in a Million

Who needs Malaysian Idols? When this show GUARANTEES a million bucks at the end of the rainbow?
"Top 5- The Top 12 have been chosen and now, it's up to the viewers to vote for the most promising contestants - and the one worthy of RM1 million!"
Can't get that 'One in a million' tune out of my head, you know the one in that Miss Congeniality movie.

One In A Million - Friday 21:30 pm on 8tv

Born to ride!

Paul Senior is the last person who should be giving tips on how to raise kids. With all his yelling and screaming and all, its a wonder how his 3 boys turned out ok. Well kinda ok..
"After winning the coveted 'Favorite Wish Maker Award' from the Make A Wish Foundation, the guys decide to build a bike for the kids."
He's better off building building bikes! Yeah! For the kids!

American Chopper (Season 3) - Friday 20:00 pm on Discovery Channel

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Negaraku - Malaysia

Keeping with the Merdeka spirit, ntv7 is airing a documentary about how our national athem came to be.
"Negaraku - Learn more about how our national song and what went into the making of it."

I've heard of stories that the national athem's lyrics comes from an old poem and that its' melody is sung to an Indonesian song called 'Terang Bulan" (Trans: Bright Moon), which later became banned from the radio (this is stupid). I don't know for sure, but tonight I will.

The Making Of Negaraku - Wednesday 20:30 pm on ntv7

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Independence day is in a couple of days..

RTM is showing this movie in celebration of Malaysia's 49th independence day.

This guy Adnan was suppose to have been a real hard chap. I'm not sure why though..
"Saksikan filem khas sempena Hari Kemerdekaan ini mengenai Leftenan Adnan yang berjuang menentang pengganas komunis di zaman darurat sehingga sanggup mengorbankan nyawanya."
Lets watch the movie tonight and find out..

Leftenan Adnan Tuesday 22:00 pm on RTM 2

Magic in singapore

These guys are good. But they're no David Blane.
"Catch magician duo, JB Benn and Chris Korn from MONDO MAGIC SINGAPORE live on the streets of Singapore as they mesmerise you with their mind-boggling illusionists' tricks!"
Singaporeans need magic too.

Mondo Magic Singapore - Wednesday 12:30 pm on AXN

Monday, August 28, 2006

Siti's mine no more

Siti Nurhaliza's wedding celebration! Woo hoo!
"Majlis Perkahwinan Siti Nurhaliza dengan Datuk Khalid Mohd Jiwa."
It's until midnight, sigh.. on a week day.

Majlis Perkahwinan Siti Nurhaliza - Monday 21:00 pm on TV3

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Where have all the AXL Roses gone?

What do you do when you’re a bunch of old has-been rockers without a frontman? You do a reality TV show and look for one that’s what you do!
"MOTLEY CRUE's Tommy Lee. Guns 'n' Roses' Gilby Clarke. Metallica's Jason Newsted. 3 phenomenal legends. 3 giants of their time. Looking for a lead singer in a worldwide search of epic proportions."

Storm Large is so hot. And she’s got the pipes, can AND junk.

Rockstar Supernova (Season 2) - Thursday 8:00 pm on STAR WORLD (70)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Everyone loves lawyers

I have only recently started watching this show. Funny as hell. It’s like a cross between ‘The Practice’ meets ‘Ally McBeal’.
“Shore takes the case of a mayoral candidate who wants to stop a negative campaign ad from airing.”
This guy really needs a tan.

Boston Legal - Wednesday 21:10 pm on STAR WORLD (70)

Monday, August 14, 2006

So you think YOU had a bad day

If you have never seen the show before, catch it tonight. It will almost make you WANT to get lost is a dessert and/or sea and/or jungle; loose a finger and almost get yourself killed.

Sure, ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ but damn.. must it hurt like hell?
“When two brothers set off on a hike into one of Utah's most rugged canyons, they expect the trek will take no more than eight hours.”
I once survived this really long wedding with a bunch of people I don’t even like. The food was good though.

I Shouldn't Be Alive Monday 10:00 pm on Discovery Channel (50)

Thursday, July 13, 2006

I'm Baaacckkk....

We're back in bussiness!! All the TV listings for this week has been updated. You can search thru them till you bleed..

You're welcome.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Charmed: Deals with the devil and making your parents do the ugly

Charmed to me is as appealing as Archie comic books are engaging. The stories are light and you are always left entertained.
"THE COURTSHIP OF WYATT'S FATHER. Gideon makes a deal with the Darklighters to get rid of Leo, but they accidentally send Leo and Piper to the Ghostly plane, leaving Phoebe and Paige to believe that they are both dead. Meanwhile, Chris begins to disappear and reveals that he must be conceived before the night is over or he will vanish forever."
Plus, having 3 hot witches in the cast doesn’t hurt. By the way, I can do a kind of witchcraft myself. These girls magic numbers are: 34 C, 34 A and 34 B respectively.

Charmed (Season 6) - Wednesday 11:15 pm on ntv7

Monday, May 15, 2006

Quickie on 8tv: Phat Phabes, don’t let the man bring you down

There’s this show on 8tv, called the Quickie. Yes, all sexual innuendoes were intentional I’m sure.

They slot it in every night in between ‘real’ shows as a buffer. During the program, 8tv’s Quickie crew, will tell you what shows are coming up next, as well as give out cool 8tv Quickie freebies to those losers who bother to call in (don’t be hurt if you are one of them, because as always, I use the word ‘losers’ with love) .

The 8tv Quickie consists of two teams of two: Adam and Marion go on every weekday; Rina and Phat Phabes get to work the weekends.

Now here comes the part that is really pissing me off, how come Phat Phabes doesn’t have his own wallpaper?

What kind of bias is this? Is it because he’s not pretty enough? Well I can see a few not so pretty ones from the selection. How come they made it?

It is an injustice. I think Mr. Phabes is the strongest presenter out of the four. The rest would be lucky to kiss his knees in terms of ease of presentation and delivery.

Damn the MAN!

So here Phabes, here’s one for you too. Enjoy. It’s a little shabby and rough, but at least I bothered and gave a damn.

8tv Quickie - Every night 11:30 pm on 8tv

Prison Break: "Hey, who switched off the air Con?"

'Be a good boy and show Mommy what you've got in your mouth'
I've been plugging this show every week since it came out, with good reason. It really is that good.
"Riots, Drills and the Devil. Michael creates a lockdown by sabotaging the air conditioning in order to execute his breakout plan properly, and unintentionally causes a riot that gets Sara into huge trouble. Meanwhile, an ex-con is blackmailed into seeing to that Lincoln is killed."
Just another day for a scheming convict.

Prison Break (Season 1) - Monday 10:30 pm on 8tv

Tyra, please teach me how to be poor

Tyra has been giving us a lot of fluff on her show lately, and that's fine. But now she's going to teach us how to look rich on a budget? Come on.. What does she know about roughing it anyway?
"Strategic Shopping. Tyra tells you how to satisfy designer taste on a discount budget and helps a student who is literally starving to feed her high-end handbag habit, surprises three girls who spent so much money on their apartment, they couldn't afford to furnish it, and gets shopping tips from two women who know how to navigate the cutthroat world of bargain-basement buying."
That's right Tyra, loosen those panties a bit, they're cutting circulation to your brain.

Tyra Banks Show - Monday 11:15 pm on ntv7

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

American Idol: Love me tender

Later today, the contestants are going to perform songs from the rocking roll King himself, Mr. Elvis Presley. It's hard to tell which way it's going to go when doing Elvis. It's either going to be really good or you'll sound like damned fool.
"With only four remaining in the competition, anything can happen. Make sure to watch tonight at 8/7c when the top 4 take on the music of Elvis Presley and are critiqued by legendary music mogul Tommy Mottola!"
Can't wait to see Chris perform with this one.

American Idol (Season 5) - Wednesday 5:00 pm on STAR WORLD (Astro Ch 70)

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Lost: I want Kate to cut my hair and have my babies

Strong-silent-guy type asking about dope in Virgin Marys, and Kate cutting Sawyers hair.
"The 23rd Psalm. This episode will shed more light on why Eko took a mysterious 40-day vow of silence, and possibly information on his stick. Also, Claire begins to lose faith in Charlie after Eko begins to question him about the Virgin Mary statue, and Kate gives the recovering Sawyer a much-needed haircut."
As always, Kate is yummy.

Lost (Season 2) - Tuesday 3:00 pm on AXN (Astro, Ch 17)

Monday, May 08, 2006

Prison Break: Women like men with tattoos

When not coming up with elaborate schemes and executing well thought out plans to get him and his brother out of prison, Michael Scofield spends much of his time flirting with cute female doctors by flexing his excessively curious tattoo laden body.
"English, Fitz or Percy. Kellerman and Hale blackmail Warden Pope. Michael finds out he might get out earlier than anticipated. Veronica becomes uncertain of her allies."
I was going to get a tattoo myself, but decide against it when told that; as the skin ages, an image of Angelina Jolie will not look flattering on my sagging belly.

Prison break (Season 1) - Monday 10:30 pm on 8tv

Friday, May 05, 2006

Forrest Gump: Like chocolates, life is!

It seems like only yesterday I was watching Forest Gump on a pirated video tape at my ex-girl friend’s house. That was like 12 bloody years ago.

This movie won Tom Hanks an Academy Award for the second time; two years in a row. It’s that good.
"Forrest Gump, while not intelligent, has accidentally been present at many historic moments, but his true love, Jenny, eludes him."
Dumb people need love too.

Forest Gump (1994) - Friday 10:00 pm on tv3

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Wakenabeb!: Ziana Zain

Not satisfied with the amount of complains they got from MCMC (Malaysian Communications & Multimedia Commission) over the Marsha fiasco, the Wakenabeb! team is trying top themselves again by harassing ex-singer Diva herself (and I use this word ‘harassing’ as lovingly as I can), Ziana Zain.

Finally, a Malaysian star that I actually know. I’m not sure what the setup is but it involves her being robbed by 3 penyamuns (Trans: robbers) and latter being blind folded.

Local reality television doesn’t get any better than this.

Wakenabeb! (Season 3) - Thursday 8:30 pm on ntv7

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

CSI: Don’t kill them. Motorcross racers have feelings too.

This must be the secret dream of anyone who has ever had their nice quiet drink at the mamak interrupted by a loud zooming ‘Mat Motor’.
"Daddy's Little Girl. The CSIs investigate the stabbing of a motocross racer who was about to leave town with a young woman he had been living with. Also, Nick comes closer to finding the truth about his kidnapping."
I'm not saying we should kill them. All I'm saying is that we should maybe kick and slap them around a little bit. They'll survive. Them being macho and all.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Season 6) - Wednesday 10:00 pm on Astro's AXN (Ch 17)

It wasn't me

In a twist of ironic coincidence, RTM 2 and 8tv will both be airing movies with a mistaken identity theme tonight.
"Set in 1951, a blacklisted Hollywood writer gets into a car accident, loses his memory and settles down in a small town where he is mistaken for a long, lost
The Majestic (2001) - Wednesday 10:00 pm on 8tv
"Connie Doyle is eighteen and pregnant her boyfriend has kicked her out. She accidentaly ends up on a train where she meets Hugh Winterbourne and his wife Patricia who is pregnant. The train wrecks and she wakes up in the hosptial to find out that it's been assumed that she's Patricia. Hugh's mother takes her in and she falls in love with Hugh's brother Bill. Just when she thinks everything is going her way, her ex-boyfriend shows up."
Mrs.Winterbourne (1996) - Wednesday 10:00 pm on rtm 2

Since both of them will be showing at the same time, you’ll have to choose. I’ll go for Jim Carrey’s offering. But the other movie is nice too if you don’t want to watch any heavy stuff so early in the week.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Football Matches on Astro. Watch them all.

I added the Astro channels ESPN, SuperSport and STAR SPORTS into the Malaysian TV Search page.

A cool trick to find football matches is to type is 'vs' into the search. This will list out all the matches that will be airing in the week.

I don't watch football. It's too tiring.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Prison Break: The hottest prison doctor I know

You must have done something right when your brother gets himself thrown into prison (but not before tatooing his whole body with blueprints of the joint) just so he can break you out.

Now that's love.
"Cute Poison. Veronica keeps uncovering new information regarding Lincoln's case and decides she wants to work on the case full-time. When no one wants to help her on the case, Nick Savrinn (an attorney) offers his assistance and the two of them visit Lincoln."
You almost forgive him for spending his time flirting with the hot prison doctor, when he should be working on something else. Getting you the hell out of here!!!

Prison break (Season 1) - Monday 10:30 pm on 8tv

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sunday night TV!

Staying in tonight? Here is a list of cool shows you can watch tonight. Labu Labi rocks.

The Lost World - Sunday 11:30 pm on RTM 1
Labu Labi - Sunday 10:00 pm on RTM 2
Smallville - Sunday 10:00 pm on TV3
Phua Chu Kang - Sunday 9:30 pm on ntv7
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Sunday 9:00 pm on Astro's AXN
Ballroom Bootcamp - Sunday 10:00 pm on Astro's Discovery Travel Living

Scrubs: I'm going through changes

Here is a rule of thumb regarding doctors that I have found very useful in the past: Never trust a doctor that wears more make up than you.
"My Changing Way - With their residencies over, there are big changes at Sacred Heart. J.D. moves out to live on his own, while Turk & Carla consider a family change."
No offence, but speaking about change, can I get another doctor, one that doesn't wear so much hair gel.

Scrubs (Season 4) - Sunday 11:45 pm on 8tv

Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Practice makes perfect use of inconsistent program scheduling norm

Ahh... there is nothing I like more than watching reruns of the Practice. Well, there is just one thing. Is it just me? Or does everyone have this persistent urge to punch Dylan McDermott’s smug looking face into the ground?
"POOR RICHARDS ALMANA. Richard Bay prosecutes a murderer being defended by Bobby. The killer warns Richard that if that jury returns with a guilty verdict, Richard should fear for his life."
Becareful if you’re planning to watch this show again next week. For reasons only they know, ntv7 is airing next week’s episode on Sunday instead of Saturday. Nana Kaloloo is not pleased.

The Practice (Season 5) - Saturday 11:30 pm on ntv7

Friday, April 28, 2006

My very best FRIENDS

I know all of you have probably seen every single episode of Friends, but there is a reason why this show lasted 10 seasons. The girls stopped wearing bras.
"THE ONE WHERE THE STRIPPER CRIES. Joey appears as a celebrity contestant on "The $100,000 Pyramid," with its actual host, DONNY OSMOND (himself), but Joey's dubious IQ costs his partner the prize money. Meanwhile, Monica and Rachel hire an ungainly stripper, Roy (DANNY DeVITO - "Taxi"), without seeing him first, for Phoebe's bachelorette party. Also, Chandler and Ross attend a college reunion and meet an attractive woman they both promised not to date during school."

I liked Rachel better during the first few seasons, when she was a little bit more chunky. In the later seasons she looks like an over-tanned mop. A mop that I won't kick out of bed, but still.

Friends (Season 10) - Friday 10:45 pm on ntv7

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Harith Iskandar gets a full hour

There won’t be a Wakenabeb! episode tonight, in it’s place is ‘Thursday Nite Live’ hosted by the other half of the A-ha team, Harith Iskandar. Hmm.. Never seen this show...
“Thursday Nite Live is a show that makes fun of people, of situation, of scenarios and of fun itself. It's a variety show that will inform and entertain with interview session, musical performance and tons of hilarity through spoofs, mockumentary and sketches”
The show that usually runs for half an hour, is running for a full hour tonight. Why? I don’t know. Maybe there is something special going on. As always, let me know.

Thursday Night Live -Thursday 8:30 pm on ntv7

Malcolm dates a dumb blonde

Nana Kaloloo once said, 'Be nice to the dumb girl while you are still young, for she might grow up hot and not sleep with you'.
"Secret Boyfriend. When Malcolm gets paired with a dimwitted beauty as his chemistry partner, he thinks it's a recipe for disaster, but when she reveals her feelings for him, sparks fly."
Being a secret boyfriend isn't all that bad. You get to have intimate knowledge of what your girlfriend keeps in her closet and under the bed.

Malcom In The Middle (Season 6) - Thursday 10:40 pm on ntv7

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I'd rather it be orange than blue

I prefer the original CSI rather than this one partly because of the characters and partly because I like the orange tint in Las Vegas rather than the blue one they use on this show.
"Join the CSI:NY team once again on the trail of death in the Big Apple. With new labs and new faces, Season 2 means change, and this time CSIs themselves aren't spared."
I hate general synopsis like this... anyway, to find the repeats, use the Malaysian TV Search Tool.

CSI: NY(Season 2) - day 10:00 pm on Astro's AXN (Ch 17)

Paris and Nicole like younger men

Tonight, we will get to see our girls playing interns at a day care center. Nice. Two big brats taking care of a bunch of smaller ones. What could Paris and Nicole possibly have to teach that a normal and modestly educated 5 year old doesn't already know?

I guess there are certain skills that might prove allusive to a little person still struggling or only recently mastered competent or at least expectable motor coordination skills: 'How to use a credit card?', 'How to choose a thong?', Just to name a few.

The Simple Life (Season 3) - Tuesday 9:00 pm on 8tv

Monday, April 24, 2006

Tyra is my mommy

I think the idea of asking a female model who doesn't have kids of her own to help you with your teenage daughters won't be winning anybody any Nobel prizes anytime soon.
"Tyra, Help Me Talk To My Daughter Moms ask Tyra for help mending their relationships with their teen daughters, including a mom who thinks she's helping her daughter by telling her she's overweight. Plus, Dirty Love's Jenny McCarthy talks about the close relationship she has with her mother."
Other ideas that involve Tyra Banks (preferably in these clothes) are probably brilliant though.

Tyra Banks Show (Season 1) - Monday 11:15 pm on ntv7

Prison Break: I don't like my roommate

Are we expected to believe that pretty boy here can survive a week in prison without his ass going two way? Come on.. he's prettier than some girls I know.
"When Michael reveals his escape plan to Sucre, Sucre chooses to be no part of it, and requests a cell transfer. Michael gets a new cellmate called Haywire."
I like this episode, Haywire's creepy. If I hadn't made it clear before, then let it be clear now, watch this shit. It's really good. They even got a little eye candy for the ladies.

Prison Break (Season 1) - Monday 10:30 pm on 8tv

Don't know when your TV show is airing? The TV Man can help

Don’t you just get pissed off when you have no idea when one of your favorite TV shows is showing? When is the repeat and all that?

Now you don’t have to get pissed. Now you can just come here to and type the title of your TV show on this cool search feature thingy and viola! The TV man will tell you all you need to know.

Although this feature is far from perfect, I can say it’s pretty good and easy to use.
There are some typos in the TV listing. But as always, that is not The TV man’s fault.

Search Your For Your Favorites TV Show Now!

Right know this feature will only search for programs airing on RTM 1, RTM 2, TV3, ntv7, 8tv, AXN, Discovery Channel, Discovery Travel and Living, STAR WORLD. But plans are underway to add more channels to the search. Don't say I never so anything.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

'Sepet and Gubra' discussions and other fights

I have been really unfair in my coverage of TV channels. Been really neglecting the old skool RTM 1 and RTM 2. It’s not that I’m bias; it’s just that their TV listings are usually so shitty and non-descriptive I can’t weed out the cool stuff.

So today, seeing it was too hot for me to go skinny-dipping with the models, I stayed in and made a real effort to find a show that would be entertaining to watch on both these channels.

Anyway, they have this talk show called ‘Fenomena Seni’. They discuss things that are happening in the local Malaysian entertainment industry. Tomorrow’s title should be an interesting watch. “Sepet dan Gubra pencemar budaya” (Translation: Sepet and Gubra, tainting our (Asian) culture). Rosyam Nor is hosting it with a bunch of panels whose names I’ve never heard of.

Hey, I haven’t watched the movie, but judging from how everybody is gushing over these two flicks, this episode might be an interesting watch.

Mushy stuff tomorrow night, but earlier in the morning its testosterone time! At the ungodly hour of 4:50 am they are going to air the ‘World Heavyweight Championship’ LIVE! All the way from Germany!

How come there was no publicity for this? This is cool! F**k the Box Office channel!

I love boxing. I don’t know who’s fighting, but who cares, its real. Boxing is king, wrestling is for pussies.

Fenomena Seni - Sunday 9:30 pm on RTM 1
World Heavy Weight Championship - Sunday 4:50 am on RTM 2

UPDATE: As expected, this show generated much heated debate. Here are some:-

Nizam Zakaria - Adakah Sepet dan Gubra pencemar budaya?
The meesh experience - Sepet dan Gubra: Pencemar Budaya?
TV Smith - Gubra
Kakicucuklangit - FORUM: Pencemar Kepala Hotak

These links and a few others can be found on Nizam Zakaria's site.

New Television Channel TV9

The all new TV9 will begin transmission at noon today with a show called ‘Interactive TV/Video’.

What kind of show is that? I haven’t the faintness. I’ve been trying to get the transmission for the last 15 minutes with no luck. I'll keep trying. Anyway, there is almost as much information here as there is on their site, TV9

Friday, April 21, 2006

I Hate My Job: Yet another reason to quit

Quit your job to pursue your dream? I’ll take one! Hell, I'll take two, and one more to go.
"Former presidential candidate Al Sharpton is the host of the reality series 'I Hate My Job', which follows three guys willing to abandon their careers for the chance to pursue their unfulfilled dreams. Each episode will feature Sharpton and psychologist Stephanie Raye (TLC's Date Patrol) offering guidance and weekly assignments to the men in pursuit of their dream jobs. They will also be part of a panel that determines whether the guys deserve to continue receiving their help."
I have never seen this show myself so if anybody has watched it or is going to watch it, any information would be good. Plus, what’s with this guy's hair?

I Hate My Job - Friday 11:45 pm on 8tv

NYPD Blue: All hail the fat balding man

This rugged bald ugly face is able to carry this show for over 11 seasons. I have a theory that people just like looking at fat, bald ugly men. I mean look at the guy next to him, I bet he can't even sell a pilot episode.
"Sipowicz and Clark re-open an eighteen-year-old murder case after DNA evidence exonerates the convicted man."
I think DNA analysis wasn't even invented when this show first aired. Another case in point: The Simpsons. Homer is still going strong with 16 seasons under his big fat belt. Fat ugly people rock. Yes I mean you.

NYPD Blue (Season 11) - day 10:00 pm on Astro's STAR WORLD (Ch 70)

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Mythbusters: Airline toilet? Biscuits and bazookas?

Is it true that you cancel out the effects of prescribed antibiotics by taking it together with coconut juice? Can static from your cell phone cause an explosion at a petrol station if it were to ring? Are Scarlet Johanson’s boobs real?

You’ll get none of the answers to these questions tonight; instead tonight’s theme is all about cookies, bricks and projectiles.
“Find out if a person can get stuck to an airline toilet while it's in flight, and whether or not there is such a thing as a biscuit bazooka”
I don’t know what a biscuit bazooka is, but I really want to find out. And by the way, they're real. At least I really want them to be.

MythBusters (Season ?) - Thursday 9:00 pm on Astro's Dicovery Channel (Ch 50)

Wakenabeb: Fat bottomed girls gets Ruff (edge)

I don’t think it would be pleasant if a large big-boned woman I don’t know came up to me and tried to cop a feel. I would be traumatized and only slightly aroused.

Tonight on Wakenabeb, they are going to show a rerun of episode 2, where Syed Hussein (Ruffedge) is stalked by a fat lady at a restaurant.

Actually, this happened to me once, but it wasn’t a lady it was a man. And he wasn’t fat, and instead of stalking me, he gave me chase. It had something to do with me trying to steal his car. It’s a long story.

Wakenabeb! - Thursday 8:30 pm on ntv7

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The TV Man is quite the CSI

I’m tired of the way TV listings are handle here. Have you noticed how hard it is to find the repeat of your favorite show on Astro? How difficult is it to keep track of which season of your favorite show is airing on TV? God help you if you can find a decent synopsis for a program.

In the weeks to come, The TV Man is aiming to help all of you TV addicts with all these grievances. But for now, I will have to make another guess on which CSI episode is showing tonight.

Lets see, 2 week ago they showed episode 8, so tonight they should be airing episode 10.
Still Life. The CSI's are called out to investigate the disappearance of a boy whose father died four years ago. Soon a couple is arrested at a convenience store with a boy matching the description of the missing kid. The only problem is they both claim it is their son. Both parents have exactly the same picture of the boy, with a scar on exactly the same place on his face. They hope a DNA-test could confirm who the real parents are, but when this information comes to light, it lead to another bizarre twist, possibly murder.”
Well, I’ll be making vigorous love with an armchair tonight, so I might miss this. Please let me know how my detective work turned out.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Season 6) - Wednesday 10:00 pm on Astro's AXN (Ch 17)

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Getting married soon? Need some million RM ideas?

Husbands to be, shoundn't let thier future bride catch wind of this show, less she starts to get some really expensive ideas.
"Million Dollar Wedding. The I Do Diaries is a series focusing on weddings with a difference. For example, My Best Friend's Wedding/My Sister's Wedding sees two friends/sisters organise each others wedding. A wedding is organised in just one day in Instant Wedding. Hollywood Weddings takes a look at some of the most lavish Hollywood weddings of all time as well as the weddings of some of tinsel town's screen legends. Fantasy Weddings looks at brides who are lucky enough to have their most extraordinary fantasies come true. Weddings On A Budget reveals the hidden secrets to throwing spectacular weddings for a fraction of the cost. From the proposal to the reception, Weddings Through The Ages gets an inside look at the different choices made depending on whether the bride gets married in her 20's, 30's or 40's. Journey to the Altar meets couples whose unions came despite the odds against them. In Real Weddings Across America, we travel to all corners of the 50 United States to find four weddings representing the heartland of America."
You have been warned. Switch over to Charmed (Astro's STAR WORLD; 11:30 pm Ch 70) instead for some fun fluffy plotlines.

The 'I Do' Diaries - Tuesday 11:45 pm on 8tv

Desperate evil housewives visits hubby in prison

This show is obviously for chicks. The wife cheats on the husband, but it's the husband that goes to jail; All the husbands are ugly and/or fat; And the hot young chicks are no where to be seen. Well accept for Eva. Eva's hot.
"My Heart Belongs To Daddy. On one of Gabrielle's prison visits to see Carlos she creates a terrible riot, which lands Carlos in hot water. Gabrielle meets an interesting attorney whom she is attracted to. Also, Susan puts her feelings aside and joins Mike in searching for his son Zach. Although, once a lone Susan finds Zach and knows his intentions to get back together with Julie she takes matters into her own hands. Lynette is surprised to find out that her son Parker has an imaginary friend. Lastly, Geroge and Andrew both vie for Bree''s attention as they both compete in making each other look bad in front of her, until one fight goes a little too far."
The women in this show always come up on top no natter how nasty or immoral they are. And that is why my friends, this show is a hit with women. That and this cute garderner.
Desperate Housewives (Season 2) - day 10:30 pm on 8tv

Monday, April 17, 2006

Is there anyone in the HOUSE that can assist?

As usual, Astro’s website does not surrender much of what we’ll be seeing in their synopsis. So if anyone can help determine, which episode will be showing tonight, Dr. TV Man will be most grateful.
"House surrounds an irreverent doctor and his team of handpicked experts as they battle mysterious and strange illnesses, with the most controversial and unconventional methods!"
When I do get a chance to watch this show, I tend to like it. Just like life, House is harsh, pleasantly rude, hostile and really funny. Which is funny, for a drama.

House (Season 1) - Monday 10:00 pm on Astro's AXN (Ch 17)