Friday, April 21, 2006

I Hate My Job: Yet another reason to quit

Quit your job to pursue your dream? I’ll take one! Hell, I'll take two, and one more to go.
"Former presidential candidate Al Sharpton is the host of the reality series 'I Hate My Job', which follows three guys willing to abandon their careers for the chance to pursue their unfulfilled dreams. Each episode will feature Sharpton and psychologist Stephanie Raye (TLC's Date Patrol) offering guidance and weekly assignments to the men in pursuit of their dream jobs. They will also be part of a panel that determines whether the guys deserve to continue receiving their help."
I have never seen this show myself so if anybody has watched it or is going to watch it, any information would be good. Plus, what’s with this guy's hair?

I Hate My Job - Friday 11:45 pm on 8tv


Bodicea said...

Lol, I think it's a nice change to have a non-White host of a reality-TV programme. But yeah, I don't like his hair either. Reminds me of Grease in a bad way.

Just watched the first half of the show (didn't have much time, but I got attracted to the title. After all, who wouldn't?). Imho, "I Hate My Job" is pretty good in terms of content. It's like the Apprentice (without group work) + America's Next Top Model (without modelling) + Simple Life (without the stupidity). All the contestants were given the chance to quit their jobs and work in their dream career. They were also spoilt with a big banglo to stay in together, and a funky car each. So far, the only catch I've observed is that they have to start their jobs from scratch. They have a mentor from their respective careers to assist them too.

Oh well, that's my observation and opinion anyway. I think I'll keep watching it.


The TV Man said...

Bodicea, I might have to watch this show next week myself.