Monday, April 10, 2006

Hot model interviews other hot models

Sure Janice looks like a plastic old hag now, but once upon a time, she was a REALLY hot babe. The outs judge will make an appearance in tonight's show along with some of the 'America's Top Model' winners.
"'America 's Next Top Model' Reunion. Tyra checks in with your favorite "America 's Next Top Model" characters. Catch up on winner Eva's career, talk body image with Tocarra and watch her surprise a stunned fan, find out what Tyra's done for Tiffany since their televised blow-out, and find out what former judge Janice Dickinson has to say to Tyra!"
When you are young and beautiful, you can be as bitchy and as difficult as you want, people will just sit there and take all your crap. But wait awhile, people are less forgiving when it comes to a bitchy old bag of bones with an 'attitude'. Poor Janice.

Tyra Banks Show (Season 1 - Episode 8) - Monday 11:15 pm on ntv7

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