Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Paris and Nicole like younger men

Tonight, we will get to see our girls playing interns at a day care center. Nice. Two big brats taking care of a bunch of smaller ones. What could Paris and Nicole possibly have to teach that a normal and modestly educated 5 year old doesn't already know?

I guess there are certain skills that might prove allusive to a little person still struggling or only recently mastered competent or at least expectable motor coordination skills: 'How to use a credit card?', 'How to choose a thong?', Just to name a few.

The Simple Life (Season 3) - Tuesday 9:00 pm on 8tv


cheng sim said...

its too bad they're not friends anymore. they look nice together.

anne said...

ooh gosh, and people watch these 2 bimbos (pardon the expression) make a fool out of themselves. I watched a few episodes of the first season, and never again.

I'm sure many guys dont mind.;-)

The TV Man said...

Their matching Peroxide hair does go well together and I have nothing against bimbos. They are people too :P