Saturday, April 01, 2006

Retail therapy is a myth

Women and gay men are not the only ones that loves to go shopping, special-effect geeks enjoy buying stuff as well.
“Find out where the MythBusters find all their goodies to build that myth breaking machines.”
These guys get paid to blow things up and go shopping? I don’t care what you do for a living; your job sucks (Unless you’re Angelina Jolie’s gynecologist that is, in which case we all hate you).

MythBusters - Saturday 12:00 pm on Astro's Discovery Channel (ch 50)

UPDATE: Instead of showing episode 38 as listed they showed episode 49 instead:
"Mythbusters will go revisit. Blown Away, Running in the Rain, Plywood Flyer, Exploding Soda, Explosive Decompression, AC vs Windows Down, and Exploding Gas Tankto end the you did it wrong crowd for the last time!"

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