Monday, April 24, 2006

Tyra is my mommy

I think the idea of asking a female model who doesn't have kids of her own to help you with your teenage daughters won't be winning anybody any Nobel prizes anytime soon.
"Tyra, Help Me Talk To My Daughter Moms ask Tyra for help mending their relationships with their teen daughters, including a mom who thinks she's helping her daughter by telling her she's overweight. Plus, Dirty Love's Jenny McCarthy talks about the close relationship she has with her mother."
Other ideas that involve Tyra Banks (preferably in these clothes) are probably brilliant though.

Tyra Banks Show (Season 1) - Monday 11:15 pm on ntv7


anne said...

hi tvman, i caught a few episodes and dont really buy it. Its like Tyra having a talk show for the sake of having it. She should stick to her America's Top Model show. coz that's her 'thing'.

The TV Man said...

The show does feel a little forced, but its fluffy enough too watch to go to bed