Wednesday, April 12, 2006

American Idol is the Queen of my heart

It'll be interesting to see how the American Idol contestants will do with Queen. I really feel sorry for them. How can anyone compare to Freddie Mercury? It's like being asked to hop on one leg and crow like a chicken, you can't help but look like a fool.
"Tonight, we turn to the iconic music of QUEEN. Don’t miss a note of what will surely be a legendary night, tonight 8/7c. Then come back for the *1-hour results show, at a special time, tomorrow 8:30/7:30c, which will also feature the Top 8 performing a song by QUEEN."
Just like Mariah Carey, Freddie has a talent for making his song sound deceptively easy to deliver. And people who try to sing their songs, do so at their own peril. I predict Bucky will choke, Elliot to struggle with more that just a few notes and Ace to have to sing the whole thing in falsetto just to get thru.

Tonight, for obvious reasons it'll be nice to see Katharine sing 'Fat Bottomed Girls'. Yummy.

American Idol (Season 5) - Wednesday 5:00 pm on Astro's STAR WORLD (Ch 70)

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Kitty84 said...

I love Ace! :P