Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Desperate evil housewives visits hubby in prison

This show is obviously for chicks. The wife cheats on the husband, but it's the husband that goes to jail; All the husbands are ugly and/or fat; And the hot young chicks are no where to be seen. Well accept for Eva. Eva's hot.
"My Heart Belongs To Daddy. On one of Gabrielle's prison visits to see Carlos she creates a terrible riot, which lands Carlos in hot water. Gabrielle meets an interesting attorney whom she is attracted to. Also, Susan puts her feelings aside and joins Mike in searching for his son Zach. Although, once a lone Susan finds Zach and knows his intentions to get back together with Julie she takes matters into her own hands. Lynette is surprised to find out that her son Parker has an imaginary friend. Lastly, Geroge and Andrew both vie for Bree''s attention as they both compete in making each other look bad in front of her, until one fight goes a little too far."
The women in this show always come up on top no natter how nasty or immoral they are. And that is why my friends, this show is a hit with women. That and this cute garderner.
Desperate Housewives (Season 2) - day 10:30 pm on 8tv


scorkes said...

The husband goes to jail because of slave labor la.

The TV Man said...

I know la, nobody goes to jail because of cheating on thier spouse. I'm saying there is no justice for men in the Desperate Housewives universe

Skyler said...

I was wondering whether you could do me a great big favour and update me on the latest episode. Pretty pleeeeeease. I fell asleep during the commercials. Loser *rolls eyes*

The TV Man said...

Here is the full plot and ending details for last nights episode (spoiler). Incidently, babie need up to 18 to 20 hours of sleep every day.

Skyler said...

I'm so happy I ignored th jab at me. Thank you