Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sunday night TV!

Staying in tonight? Here is a list of cool shows you can watch tonight. Labu Labi rocks.

The Lost World - Sunday 11:30 pm on RTM 1
Labu Labi - Sunday 10:00 pm on RTM 2
Smallville - Sunday 10:00 pm on TV3
Phua Chu Kang - Sunday 9:30 pm on ntv7
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Sunday 9:00 pm on Astro's AXN
Ballroom Bootcamp - Sunday 10:00 pm on Astro's Discovery Travel Living


angel said...

TV man, if your dream is to be a couch potato, may i suggest u try work for errmm... astro? ;)

The TV Man said...

But that will compromise the credibility of this blog. Besides, I'll miss my couch.