Thursday, April 20, 2006

Mythbusters: Airline toilet? Biscuits and bazookas?

Is it true that you cancel out the effects of prescribed antibiotics by taking it together with coconut juice? Can static from your cell phone cause an explosion at a petrol station if it were to ring? Are Scarlet Johanson’s boobs real?

You’ll get none of the answers to these questions tonight; instead tonight’s theme is all about cookies, bricks and projectiles.
“Find out if a person can get stuck to an airline toilet while it's in flight, and whether or not there is such a thing as a biscuit bazooka”
I don’t know what a biscuit bazooka is, but I really want to find out. And by the way, they're real. At least I really want them to be.

MythBusters (Season ?) - Thursday 9:00 pm on Astro's Dicovery Channel (Ch 50)

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