Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I'd rather it be orange than blue

I prefer the original CSI rather than this one partly because of the characters and partly because I like the orange tint in Las Vegas rather than the blue one they use on this show.
"Join the CSI:NY team once again on the trail of death in the Big Apple. With new labs and new faces, Season 2 means change, and this time CSIs themselves aren't spared."
I hate general synopsis like this... anyway, to find the repeats, use the Malaysian TV Search Tool.

CSI: NY(Season 2) - day 10:00 pm on Astro's AXN (Ch 17)


anne said...

i know....there are worse ones i've seen , like "rancangan menarik untuk tontonan anda"...ahaks ;-)

The TV Man said...

I hate that!