Friday, April 21, 2006

NYPD Blue: All hail the fat balding man

This rugged bald ugly face is able to carry this show for over 11 seasons. I have a theory that people just like looking at fat, bald ugly men. I mean look at the guy next to him, I bet he can't even sell a pilot episode.
"Sipowicz and Clark re-open an eighteen-year-old murder case after DNA evidence exonerates the convicted man."
I think DNA analysis wasn't even invented when this show first aired. Another case in point: The Simpsons. Homer is still going strong with 16 seasons under his big fat belt. Fat ugly people rock. Yes I mean you.

NYPD Blue (Season 11) - day 10:00 pm on Astro's STAR WORLD (Ch 70)


anne said...

Hey there TV Man. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Your blog is great. I'm a tv addict too! I've bookmarked you, will drop by often.

The TV Man said...

Thanks Anne! Please do come often!