Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Getting married soon? Need some million RM ideas?

Husbands to be, shoundn't let thier future bride catch wind of this show, less she starts to get some really expensive ideas.
"Million Dollar Wedding. The I Do Diaries is a series focusing on weddings with a difference. For example, My Best Friend's Wedding/My Sister's Wedding sees two friends/sisters organise each others wedding. A wedding is organised in just one day in Instant Wedding. Hollywood Weddings takes a look at some of the most lavish Hollywood weddings of all time as well as the weddings of some of tinsel town's screen legends. Fantasy Weddings looks at brides who are lucky enough to have their most extraordinary fantasies come true. Weddings On A Budget reveals the hidden secrets to throwing spectacular weddings for a fraction of the cost. From the proposal to the reception, Weddings Through The Ages gets an inside look at the different choices made depending on whether the bride gets married in her 20's, 30's or 40's. Journey to the Altar meets couples whose unions came despite the odds against them. In Real Weddings Across America, we travel to all corners of the 50 United States to find four weddings representing the heartland of America."
You have been warned. Switch over to Charmed (Astro's STAR WORLD; 11:30 pm Ch 70) instead for some fun fluffy plotlines.

The 'I Do' Diaries - Tuesday 11:45 pm on 8tv

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