Monday, May 15, 2006

Quickie on 8tv: Phat Phabes, don’t let the man bring you down

There’s this show on 8tv, called the Quickie. Yes, all sexual innuendoes were intentional I’m sure.

They slot it in every night in between ‘real’ shows as a buffer. During the program, 8tv’s Quickie crew, will tell you what shows are coming up next, as well as give out cool 8tv Quickie freebies to those losers who bother to call in (don’t be hurt if you are one of them, because as always, I use the word ‘losers’ with love) .

The 8tv Quickie consists of two teams of two: Adam and Marion go on every weekday; Rina and Phat Phabes get to work the weekends.

Now here comes the part that is really pissing me off, how come Phat Phabes doesn’t have his own wallpaper?

What kind of bias is this? Is it because he’s not pretty enough? Well I can see a few not so pretty ones from the selection. How come they made it?

It is an injustice. I think Mr. Phabes is the strongest presenter out of the four. The rest would be lucky to kiss his knees in terms of ease of presentation and delivery.

Damn the MAN!

So here Phabes, here’s one for you too. Enjoy. It’s a little shabby and rough, but at least I bothered and gave a damn.

8tv Quickie - Every night 11:30 pm on 8tv

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Anonymous said...

Time to stop this stupid "Quickie" program....