Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tom looks like Richard Gere, Lindsay looks like cotton candy and Brad look like a buffed up monkey!

Get to see Tom with gray hair and play a bad guy for once!
"Max (Oscar® winner Foxx, Jarhead, Miami Vice, Ray) has lived the mundane life of a cab driver for 12 years. The faces have come and gone from his rearview mirror, people and places he's long since forgotten...until tonight. Vincent (Cruise, Mission Impossible III, War of The Worlds) is a contract killer. When a drug cartel learns that they're about to be indicted by a federal grand jury, they mount an operation to identify and kill the key witnesses. Tonight, Vincent arrives in L.A. and five bodies are supposed to fall, including District Attorney Annie (Pinkett Smith, Madagascar, The Matrix Revolutions). Circumstances cause Vincent to hijack Max's taxicab, and Max becomes collateral - an expendable person in the wrong place at the wrong time. Through the night, Vincent forces Max to drive him to each assigned destination. As the authorities race to intercept them, Max and Vincent's survival becomes intertwined in ways that neither of them would ever have imagined."

Tom take's Jamie for the ride of his life!

Collateral - Tuesday 10:00 am on Astro's HBO

Mean bitches finds a barbie doll!

"Saturday Night Live" writer, Tina Fey, pens the screenplay for this wickedly funny satire on teenage vanities and political correctness. This box-office hit garnered rave reviews from critics for its sharp and witty script along with strong performances from the cast; in particular lead actress, Lindsay Lohan, who also starred in "Herbie: Fully Loaded" and "The Parent Trap." Lohan plays Cady Heron, who was raised in the African wilderness by her zoologist parents and thought she knew all about survival, until she moves to Chicago. She soon finds herself needing to relearn the rules of survival in a different kind of jungle - the American high school. The school's most fashionable clique, The Plastics, is led by Regina (McAdams, Red Eye, Wedding Crashers). Regina is livid when Cady falls for Regina's ex-boyfriend, and all hell breaks loose as the two girls fight for their man. This movie firmly established Lohan as one of America's most bankable teen stars."

You are girly girls! I get it! Enough with the pink already!

Mean Girls - Tuesday 10:55 am on Astro's Cinemax

Nice juicy muscle, girl love to bite into!

"Based on Homer's classic epic "The Iliad," this box-office hit brings to life the well-known and tragic tale of antiquity: the fall of the mythical city of Troy. Young Trojan prince, Paris (Bloom, Pirates Of The Caribbean 2, Elizabethtown), has fallen in love with Menelaus' beautiful wife, Helen (Kruger, National Treasure). Although he knows that his father, King Priam (Academy Award® and Golden Globe® winner O'Toole, Casanova), has engineered a fragile peace with the Greek kingdom of Sparta, he throws caution to the wind and abducts Helen. His eldest brother, Prince Hector (Bana, Munich, Lucky You), is furious when he finds out that Helen is with them. With Helen's abduction, war is imminent. As Menelaus (Gleeson, Studs) seeks retribution, his war-mongering brother, King Agamemnon (Emmy® Award winner Cox, The Ringer, Red Eye), uses it as an excuse to attack Troy, and lay waste to the last proud kingdom that refuses to bow to Greece. Menelaus rounds up a veritable alliance of warriors and kings, including the legendary Odysseus (Bean, Flightplan) and Achilles (Golden Globe® winner Pitt, Mr. & Mrs. Smith). The great warrior is blase at first about being in the war, having been warned by his mother, Thetis, that should he join, he will never return alive. However, when Achilles' beloved cousin, Patroclus, is inadvertently killed by Hector in battle, Achilles' fury is intense and he wants no less than a duel to the death with Hector. The war is the start of the destruction of the city of Troy. And death in war seems to be the only way to ensure that one is remembered for all time as being brave, noble and honorable."
Enough testosterone and estrogen for the whole gang to enjoy!

Troy - Tuesday 2:45 pm on Astro's Cinemax

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