Thursday, March 29, 2007

Miami Ink: Tattoos and Drama

Have you ever noticed that tattoo artists are usually all covered in tattoo themselves? I wonder why that is?
"This week Ami James and the rest of the guys from Miami Ink have a heavy dose of loss, transformation and hope for the future. This episode is all about relationships; relationships from the past, present and future.

These stories of love, honor and loss are revealed to them not only from the clients who come into the shop, but also from one of their own. James, Ami's former apprentice, comes into the shop to finish a piece that Ami started over eight years age. In the process, enlightening us to what its like to be Ami's apprentice. Adrienne comes in to get a cover up of her old faded fairy tattoo from Garver. Her new tattoo will represent her rise from the depths of addiction into the joys of sobriety and motherhood.

An old friend of Ami's, Cordell, who has been talking about getting his first tattoo for years, finally has a good enough reason. His cousin Renton drowned, and he wishes to memorialize him forever with a special tattoo that has his name built into it. All four guys in the shop work on a rock band, Dyslexic Postcards, that hopes to bond themselves forever by enduring the tattoo process, at the same time. Justin's tattoo provides a special challenge for Nunez. He must combine several different symbolic images into one special coat of arms that will honor Justin's friend who died of a drug overdose."
They all look bad ass with their tattoos but the truth is they're all a bunch of sentimental softies.

Miami Ink (Season 1) - Thursday 4:00 pm on Astro's Discovery Travel and Living


micheal said...
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Anonymous said...

The Miami Ink is really a good show. The Story Line of Miami Ink tv show is really good.I always enjoy to Watch This show.

ramiro said...

Wooowww its great show man...i like this show..I love tattoos, but honestly you don't need to even like tattoos to enjoy this show. This show has even shown some really high up business men/women having full body tattoos. You would never have guessed it.i was watching an episode of Miami ink where ami did a tattoo that i really liked.

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