Sunday, March 25, 2007

3 TV Shows Worth Watching on Sundays on Discovery Channel

1. I Shouldn't BE Alive

Every time I watch this TV show, I pretend I am the protagonist who is thrown into what seems to be a hopeless situation where the outcome can only be a horrible death at sea, dessert or rainforest. Yes death by heat, starvation, infected wounds or predators is what’s in store for me and whoever who is unfortunate enough to be with me at the time.

I like to watch this in bed, under the covers whilst munching on something with the air conditioner turned ON.

2. American Chopper

It’s funny that before I started watching this TV show, I had no interest in motorcycles whatsoever. In fact I still don't. The appeal of this show is not about the machines. It’s in watching these guys build them. Father, sons and co-worker together building a motorcycle from scratch. It’s entertaining to watch them bumbling about, getting things wrong and fooling around.

I sincerely believe that an episode where Paul Sr. loses it or where Junior starts throwing tools into a glass pane and/or punching holes into doors is the equivalent of that gardener guy taking his clothes of on Desperate Housewives, or Jennifer Aniston implying partial nudity in an episode of Friends. It gets the ratings to shoot through the roof!

Oh, and the choppers are nice too.

3. How Do They Do It

The first episode I saw had to do with zippers. I thought to myself, ‘Damn, I’ve always wondered about that’. I remember seeing ‘YKK’ on the zippers of my school pants and wondered what then stood for.

Watching the TV show, I was enlightened. Turns out that Japan makes 68% of the world's zippers and a large part of that is manufactured by the company YKK.

Now I can die in peace.

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