Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A Reason To Watch Free Malaysian TV: Top Gear

You have probably noticed that a few months ago Astro recently added a few more channels to it’s line up. One of them is the ultra cool and dry BBC Entertainment. You’d notice that everyone on this channel speaks with a weird accent; it’s because they’re British.

I was a wee bit excited because I had hoped that this will give me a chance to watch the much talked about show Top Gear on the telly. What’s great about the show is you don’t have to be crazy about cars to enjoy it. It’s that entertaining!

No such Luck. According to their website they weren’t planning to air Top Gear anytime soon… It thought that was that, and I would have to resort to torrents again, so imagine my surprise and delight to find the show airing on NTV7 instead!

If you only watch Astro channels, this is an example of how you might be missing out on what Free TV has to offer.

Top Gear - Sunday 3:00 pm on ntv7

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