Saturday, June 06, 2009

Dr Gregory Holmes M.D.?

I frequently watch House on a) my sister's or my ex-girlfriend's Astro b) my PC after having downloaded it of the Internet and c) DVDs.

We've already explored why I'm so into this show.

But merely liking a character in a TV show doesn't explain watching it like a junkie. There must be more to the show than Laurie's good looks and boyish charm. So lets explore my continuous gravitation towards this piece of culture.

Let's start with something that has been annoying me for awhile. The differentials sequences:

They say a bunch of stuff I don't understand, House take the piss out of everybody, they rule out Lupus talks about autoimmune, argue if it's head problem or a physical problem, House orders a biopsy / MRI scan / CT Scan (are those the same thing?) and a bunch of other tests and the team disperse to carry on their work. Repeat and rinse till things get better.

How come I'm always left thinking, what the hell just happened?

Am I the only one who's not following the stuff they say during the deferential. I know there are doctors who watch the show and evaluate the plausibility and the quality of House and his team's diagnosis. But, what about me? A regular guy with a college education. Shouldn't I understand any of this? Or has TV finally fried my brain?

What's frustrating is I think I'm a pretty perceptive guy. Like how I notice that House isn't using his cane properly. And he’s supposed to be a DOCTOR!

Remember Dr. Huxtable of the Cosby Show (I forget which episode) explaining the correct way to use a cane? That if you're limping of your RIGHT leg, you're suppose to have the cane on your LEFT hand so you can walk naturally.

And speaking about waving your cane.

What about Cuddy's excess cleavage flaunting and highly impractical riding boots. And what kind of hospital administrator wears pants that tight anyway (Note to producers: I'm not complaining)?

And has anyone realized that save Kutner and Taub, everyone on the show has taken their shirt off? All I'm saying is, like all these medical dramas it's more about the Drama than it is about the Medicine (Grey's Anatomy anyone?).

Those who are judging me for not being able to follow the differential, should not pretend the show's knee deep in mystery and layered in drama and intellect when at the end of the day, like every other primetime offering, they still use sex to keep everyone interested. Shamelessly appealing to the lowest common denominator who most certainly won't understand any of the deferential sequences anyway!

Let's calm down a bit.

So that's the part of the show that I have a problem with.

The only other medical drama I remember feeling so strongly about was ER. And that's because George Clooney was just so cool. I love how he's always sticking it to the man. House does this all the time. It's like he's the Rock Star doctor and he can get away with almost anything.

I also like how they get to eliminating the usual suspects (ironically, they do this during the deferential sequences) and how the show follows a lot of the same themes and narratives styles of murder mysteries in the vien of Hercule Poirot and Sherlock Holmes (Wait a minute Holmes? Home? House? Coincidence?).

I love Murder Mysteries.

Why I love the show: Edgy, grey haired, grouchy main player with character flaws who solves murder mysteries for kicks.

That, and Forehead (Thirteen) and Bleeding Heart (Cameron) are super-hot.

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