Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A lotta Watch on Malaysia TV

There is a lot to watch on TV these days. There was a time when Malaysians only had a total of 3 TV stations to watch. Unless you grew up in JB, then you'll have a few more channels to surf. In those days, it was common for people to go to work or school and ask if your friend or colleague caught the show you saw last night.

That almost sounds crazy now. Thanks to Astro, there are just too many channels, to keep track of. And then theres the Pirated DVD thing... it used to be you'd get to rent a VHS (that’s a 'Video Cassette Tape' for those of you who were born in the 90s) like a year after the movie come out.

But now, we get the latest and the greatest movie and TV shows the world has to offer. The local DVD stalls have countless flicks and all of your favorite TV Shows are sold in nice colorful Boxed Sets. Season 1? Season 2? The whole 9 Seasons of The Sopranos?

Keng Meng doesn't have the show you’re looking for? No problem, just download it off the Net.

You're an instant gratification kind of chick? Forgot the theme song for Thunder Cats, Jem, and the Holograms? Strawberry Shortcake? The Adventures of Gummi Bears? Just youtube it.

My dad once asked who the hell has the time and motivation to upload these videos? I told him there are 6.7 billion people on this planet. It only takes one.

Everyone is thinking, it's only a matter of time before the Internet will replace TV completely. I don't think that day will come; They have said this about Radio when Television came along and Radio is still relatively strong. And I just can’t picture a family circling the PC in the living room.

We’re not there yet.

However, people do listen to LESS Radio. And with Internet video becoming more and more pervasive, people will continue to watch less and less broadcast television. Just the way things are.

It has been said many times and I'm about to say it again:

The Internet is Awesome.

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