Thursday, August 14, 2008

Goda: Blogger Helps Young Couples

I think bloggers are the last people who should be offering advise to people about anything. Especially advise regarding how to sustain a long lasting and loving relationship.
"Tells the story of a man who helps young people with their relationships through his blog, Goda. Starring Lash Moktar and Sazzy Falak."
Tonight's the first episode:

9:30 pm tonight (Thursdays) on 8TV. If you miss it, you know what to do.


PakciQue said...

Yup...sebuah cerita sangat yang hangin tu...kenapa lah perlu bertindan dengan kekasihku seru..

apa-apa pun, catch my post about GODA. Update weekly for every episode.

TV Man said...

You can always catch up with the show at the NTV7 website. :)